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Welcome to the MotionParts ball bearing shop

Ball bearings are ubiquitous and an important part of our everyday life. Whether in your car, electrical machines or the coffee machine - you will find this special shape of the rolling bearing everywhere. Without the way the ball bearing works, the world would literally stand still. Therefore, there is the right warehouse for every industrial application. Are you looking for the best possible ball bearing quality at excellent prices? Then you are just right at Motionparts.de.

Our ball bearing shop is your contact for the highest quality industrial quality products of renowned manufacturers. We are always easy to reach and competent on site in Bochum, as well as online when you need advice on cleaning techniques or the selection of the optimal ball bearing (bicycle, coffee machine, drilling machine). Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with your request.

Bug bearing brands available from us

With us you will find all high quality, as well as cheap manufacturers of ball bearings. Our assortments for Ina, FAG, SKF, and Zen products are greatest, and most popular. The following brands are available to us:

How to find the right ball bearing in three steps

To find the perfect ball bearing for your project, you need to know the specific properties and features of the individual types. A helpful table that shows storage sizes, capacities and other relevant details simplifies the selection process. If you know what to look out for in advance, you can make sure that you find exactly the right ball bearing for your requirements.

So you will find the ideal camp in three steps:

  1. Bring the size dimensions, i.e. inside diameter, outside diameter, and width. If possible, the brand is also a relevant criterion This data will help you search, which is often carried out over the dimensions of the ball bearing.

  2. What kind of seal does a warehouse have? As a rule, there are 2Z or 2RS seals that have different functions. When looking at ball bearings, the important "shaft seal" should not be overlooked. This part not only protects the warehouse and the drive system from external pressure and damage, but also guarantees that your device works with the highest performance. The shaft dispenser plays an important role in maintaining the optimal function of your machine - its importance should not be underestimated. Warehouse without sealing or storage with a special spherical cage (e.g. brass) is also frequently searched for. You can find an overview of all seals HERE.

  3. Finally, you have to find out which other properties the camp may still have. To do this, the replenishment marks are often used according to a basic type, such as 6203. Common follow -up signs indicate the sealing form, a special material property, or a bearing air. You can find a table of manufacturer's aftermath signs HERE.

Special procurement of sold -out products

If one of our products is characterized in the shop without warehouse, you can contact form Use us to receive an offer with information on the price, piece of number, and product.

You can also inquire by phone or chat at any time. About our reliable Shipping service provider UPS & DHL Do you have the option of receiving goods by 8:00 p.m. on the next working day. Alternatively, ours can also be used for urgent deliveries The freight forwarder or our KURIER are used for lightning shipping.

Intelligent ball bearing search

On our selection page for ball bearings, you will find filters for over 40 different ball bearings properties: Our filters allow you to search via inside diameter, outside diameter, width, and many other relevant product data, such as seals (2Z/2RS), outer ring, inner ring, cage, or the lubrication. As a result, you will find the right ball bearing even when the manufacturer is often called.

Free technical advice

If you are unsure which rolling bearing is the right one for your application, please contact our professional expert team. Our engineers will be happy to help you with all technical questions about products or applications. You can reach us by phone or email at any time during office hours, we usually answer your concerns within a few hours.

Explanation of ball bearing names

Ball bearings are usually consisting of a basic type (e.g. 6001 ball bearing) and a possible replacement sign. The latter provide information about any modifications, properties, and the design. Common replenishment signs are C3, 2Z, 2RS, C3, C4, or C2. You can find an overview of all replenishment marks HERE.

frequently asked Questions

What is a ball bearing?

A ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearing in which balls are used to maintain the distance between the warehouse rings. The purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce the rotation friction and to wear radial and axial loads. This is achieved by using at least two running rings that absorb the balls and transmit the loads over the balls.

How are ball bearings assembled?

The production of a ball bearing is relatively simple. First, the corresponding number of balls is inserted into an outer ring, which is only limited by its "storage area". Then an inner ring is attached to the first ring, which enables the movement between all parts, while they come together to form a body. In this way, a functioning and movable component is created, which can be used in different situations.

How do the balls get to a ball bearing?

The outer spherical rings contain a special groove in which the balls are placed and which serves as a safer support so that they cannot loosen. Finally, the inner ring is put on and locked with a click connection. Even after that, every single ball moves freely in its limitation, but cannot escape through a direction of direction or angle.

Can I pick up my ball bearings on site?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer a service on site. With our UPS Express shipping, your order will usually be with you on the next working day.

What is a ball bearing made of?

A ball bearing is usually made of steel. The inner and outer ring are usually made of carbon-rich chrome steel, which ensures strength and durability, while the balls are usually made of carbon-poor chrome steel, which ensures hardness and wear resistance. Some camps can also contain ceramic balls for special applications.

Do you have any questions about our ball bearings?

If you have any questions about our ball bearings, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the right ball bearing for your needs.

Are there any discount on larger orders at Motionparts?

You are welcome to inquire about the desired amount and receive a suitable offer. If you want to buy a larger shopping cart, we will of course also allow special discounts.

Can private customers also order the Motionparts ball bearing shop?

Yes, you can buy from us even without a trade. We may reserve the right to send the order for larger orders or a failed credit check. In principle, however, our shop is open to all customers.

Can I request not available items in the Motionparts ball bearing shop?

Yes, you can also order pieces or sizes that are not available from us. Please send us an article list with all the ball bearings you are looking for as well as the majority and number of quantities and quantities to customer service@motionparts.de.

What are the most common ball bearings?

The most sought -after and used ball bearings are groove ball bearings, whose terms typically begin with a 6.

Which brands are most popular in the Motionparts ball bearing shop?

The most popular brands are Ina, FAG, and SKF, NSK, NKE, and Zen.

What factors must be taken into account for the ball bearing selection?

Various sizes and construction methods come. These adjustments have a direct effect on the resistance in various applications in industry. Important properties are the border speed, dynamic support number, static support number, fatigue limit, border speed, cover speed, weight, operating temperature min., And operating temperature max.

Which payment methods are available for payment of my ball bearings?

With us you can order with PayPal, Klarna, Mastercard, Visacard, or with a purchase on account.

Which shipping options are available?

With us you can order with DHL, DPD, UPS, DACHSER, or courier. With UPS Express Saver, Dachser and Kurier you will usually receive your goods on the next working day. With DHL you will receive your goods within 1-2 working days.

Where can I find an explanation of the name of my product?

You can find a covering of all products along different manufacturers here.

In which categories does Motionparts offer ball bearings?

You will find the following ball bearings: groove ball bearings, pendulum ball bearing, axial sliding ball bearing, slanted ball bearing, axial groove ball bearing, axial ball bearing, needle slope ball bearing, linear ball bearing unit, linear ball bearing unit, linear ball warehouse, dividing bearing.

Does Motionparts also offer articles except for balls in other product categories?

In addition to ball bearings, Motionparts is known for its qualitative offers in the field of linear guides & linear technology.

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